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[:en]Toast Moulders[:ar]قوالب التوست[:fr]Mouleurs de Toast[:]

Toast Moulders

Technical data: Capacity: 2000 pcs/h pending on weight and dough quality Weight range: 50-1200 grams Belt cylinder length: 380mm Power supply: 0.75kW Weight: 200kgs Dimensions: 146x76x125cm

[:en]Semi- Automatic Divider[:ar]قاسم أوتوماتيكي نصفي [:fr]Semi-automatique Divider[:]

Semi- Automatic Divider

Uniform dividing and moulding: with this, all types of doughs, whether soft or firm, whether young or aged, can be divided with exactly applied pressure. -Optimal moulding results: well risen dough can be uniformly round moulded. -Rounding and pressing time is adjusted by the operator.

[:en]Proofer Room[:ar]ماكينة التخمير[:fr]Chambre de fermentation[:]

Proofer Room

[:en]Hydraulic Dough Dividers[:ar]المقسم الهيدروليكي[:fr]Hydrauliques pâte séparateurs[:]

Hydraulic Dough Dividers

Standard Features 2016 divisions with honeycomb cutting system -Manual control -Hydraulic jack -Spring loaded lid stays in up position when open -Easy controls,easy to use, easy access inside for

[:en]Deck Oven[:ar]فرن الخبز[:fr]Four Deck[:]

Deck Oven

-Thermal insulation is ensured by rockwool panels , for an improved security and an optimal energetic productivity. -Door seal was set in the door which can effectively prevent leakage. -Each oven has up and down two sets of temperature control,and has a digital indicating temperature controller which can accurately reflect the actual temperature of the inside. -The control panel readable and easy to operate, making it easily adaptable to any kind of bakery and pastry production. -The discharge damper are also independent for each deck. -The opening is carried out manually by means of a front knob. -The interior lighting system works independently on each deck. Note: The steam generator for an additional orders

[:en]Baguette Moulder[:ar]قالب الرغيف الفرنسي[:fr]Baguette Mouleurs[:]

Baguette Moulder

Standard features: -Stainless steel construction -Stand with locking casters -Hopper safety system -Synthetic belt for easy cleaning -0" clearance on sides and back -Maximum production: 1,200 p/h Technical data: Capacity: 1200 pcs/h pending on weight and dough quality Weight range: 50-1200 grams Belt cylinder length: 700mm Power supply: 0.75kW Weight: 285kgs Dimensions: 105x95x150cm

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