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[:en]Table top Dough Sheeter[:ar]طاولة مد العجين[:fr]Plateau Laminoir[:]

Table top Dough Sheeter

MBE-601 - Table top Dough Sheeter - Suitable for sheeting and streching all kinds of dough to obtain puff pastry of constant thickness. - Long lasting food grade belts. - Graduated adjustment of rollers by means of lever for accurate thickness control. - Reverse movement controlled by lever or foot pedal. - C/w flour holder. - Safety guard with auto shut-off when lifted. Specifications : - Conveyor Spec (mm) : 500 x 850 - Roller Spec (mm) : 88 x 520 - Power : 1 ph / 3 ph - Dimension : 180L x 85W x 60H cm

[:en]Semi Auto egg roll machine[:ar]آلة لافة للبيض[:fr]Semi oeuf automatique machine de r

Semi Auto egg roll machine

Model: MBE-162 - Semi automatic machine for the production of egg rolls - Consists of the Automatic Baking Hot Plates and the Batter Depositor - The Batter Depositor automatically deposits batter onto the hot plates - Quantity of batter deposited is adjustable - The Top and bottom hot plates automatically closes and bake the egg roll - Individual temperature control for each of the nine sets of hot plates to ensure quality products - Baking time is adjustable from 5~10 seconds - Once the egg roll is baked, the top hot plate is automatically opened for manual rolling and removal of the egg roll Specificatiions : - Capacity : 500~750pcs/hr - Weight Range : 10~20gm - Power : 3ph, 415V, 16.2kW - Dimension : 160L x 160W x 142H cm

[:en]Routary Moulder ROT[:ar]الرقاقة[:fr]Routary Moulder ROT[:]

Routary Moulder ROT

Model: ROT 460 - Suitable for production of shortbread biscuits - Feeder roller in anodised aluminium - Presser roller in white rubber - Bronze mouldr with quick change system - Scraper blade in stainless steel - Pressure adjustment of rubber roller on moulder roller - Manual scraper blade adjustment'Outlet belt with tension and centrering adjustment - Belt cleaner blade with extractable drawer Specifications : - Max. tray width : 460 mm - Power : 1ph, 0.37kW - Weight : 230 kg - Dimension : 180L x 85W x 135H cm - Capacity : 80 - 200 kg per hr

[:en]Pineapple biscuit crust machine[:ar]ماكينة عجينة الكراست[:fr]Ananas la machine biscuit

Pineapple biscuit crust machine

Model: MBE-161 - Produce single and two colour pineapple biscuit crust - Width and thickness of crust is determined by size of nozzle - Standard nozzle size is 25W*6Tmm. Other sizes can be arranged on request - Maximum width of crust is 38mm - Comes with a variable speed conveyor to ensure different types of crust does not break - Automatically cuts the crust into set length by a pneumatic cutter - Requires compressed air to operate - Length of crust is adjustable - Pineapple filling is manually placed onto each piece of crust and the crust is manually rolled into pineapple biscuits Specification - Weight Range : 10~20gm - Capacity : 1,000~2,000 pc/hr - Power : 1ph, 230V, 50Hz - Dimension : 130L x 80W x 171H cm

[:en]Directly Heated Cooker-Mixer[:ar]خفاقة وسخانة[:fr]Chauffé directement Cuisinière-Mixer

Directly Heated Cooker-Mixer

Model: MBE-235 - Capacity:50L.80L.150L.200L - Directly heated type Cooker Mixer with manual bowl tilting - Used for food requiring high temperature with mixing - Suitable for production of bean paste, Ma Hsu, Lotus Seed Paste, Curry, Chilli Sauce, Dodol, etc - Single speed tool rotation - All parts in contact with food made of s/s - Comes with standard wooden blades - Mixing tool easily removed for fast removal of products Specifications : - Capacity : 80L - Speed : 1 - Power : 1ph., 1hp - Dimension : 100L x 100W x 160H cm

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